DC South met Dr Yasmeen Lari at Denso Hall Rahguzar

20 September 2023 

A meeting was convened with DC South, Capt (R) Altaf Sariyo and some of the ACs from various districts of Karachi to discuss Dr Yasmeen Lari's 'Meri Gali Mera Sheher' (My Street My Ciy) initiative to convert Karachi into an Humanistic Eco City by taking up and develop one street at a time.

Climate Volunteers Workshop

15 - 25 September 2023 

Climate volunteers arrive in Karachi on their way to village Pono Colony, Mirpurkhas, Sindh. They are part of a workshop organized by Heritage Foundation of Pakistan and INTBAU UK . A group of 23 students are participating in this 10 day workshop. Students from Cambridge and other UK and European universities are participating along with architecture students from universities in Lahore and Islamabad.

Meeting with IFC / World Bank

12 September 2023 

A meeting was convened at IFC/World Bank Head Quarter in Karachi with Dr Yasmeen Lari to discuss Zero Carbon village rehabilitation initiatives taken up in rural Sindh. Ms Champa a Chulah Millionaire and Ms Lachmee a Barefoot Entrepreneur from village Pono Colony were also present.


Turkey's Anadolu Ajnasi & Pakistan's The Express Tribune published the following

13 September 2023 

In Pakistan, flood-proof houses give hope against climate change

Pioneering project led by Pakistan’s first female architect aims to build 1M flood-resistant houses.

“This is indeed a huge task. Making a million houses (for a non-governmental organisation) is not like a walk in the park, the idea is not only to provide the families with zero-carbon houses, but also to make them self-dependent.” - Dr Yasmeen Lari

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Design Emergency shared the following podcast on the instagram.

5 September 2023 

Design Emergency podcast in which our co-founder, Alice Rawsthorn, interviews the extraordinary Yasmeen Lari. The first woman to practice architecture in Pakistan, Yasmeen has devoted the last 20 years to designing and delivering housing, community centres and other urgently needed resources for people whose lives have been devastated by horrific floods, earthquakes and other disasters throughout the country. Yasmeen tells Alice how and why she devotes her work to what she calls “humanistic humanitarian architecture”, and about her current mission to empower “brigades” of people across Pakistan to build a total of a million ecologically sustainable homes.

Podcast can be listened at the following link:


World Economic Forum shared the following video on the instagram.

1 September 2023 

Prof Dr Yasmeen Lari helped rehabilitate flood affected communities in southern province of Pakistan.

Instagram reel can be viewed at the following link: