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29 August 2023 

Disaster-resilient homes for Pakistan’s flood-hit villagers.

Pakistan’s first certified female architect, Yasmeen Lari, has built about 1,0000 disaster-resistant huts for the victims for last year’s unprecedented floods in the southern Sindh province.


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28 August 2023 

Pakistan architect rebuilds sustainable housing after flooding.

Villages wiped out by deadly flooding are being rebuilt in Pakistan. The country's first registered female architect designed this easy-to-build bamboo structure that’s resilient to natural disasters.

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22 August 2023 

Meet the Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari, who in 2023 received the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in recognition for her humanitarian and social conscious work.

"What architects have is this amazing skill for design. And that is needed when you have disparities. When you have deficiencies in resources. When you have a whole mass of people who have nothing. And as an architect, you can relate to them because you are trained to think of the context, to design for the context."

"Also, we are taught this amazing ability of coordination with all kinds of different disciplines. We know how to think of our clients, and if you consider the poor people as your client, then you will think that way. So I think architects are the best people to serve humanity today.".

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12 August 2023 

Kaam Kahani Podcast # 36 - The Kaam Kahani of Architect and Conservationist Yasmeen Lari.

Yasmeen Lari is Pakistan’s first female architect. She is the recent recipient of the prestigious Royal Gold Medal for architecture awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects in recognition of her contribution to architecture and her work on low-income housing in Pakistan. Besides being a ‘starchitect’ and a national treasure, she is an architectural historian, conservationist, and a humanitarian aid worker. Her work on low-income housing has made an outstanding impact, especially for poverty- and disaster- stricken populations in Pakistan.

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