For saving lives and saving the planet.

By decarbonization and decolonization of humanitarian aid.

In case of climate migrants:

Save lives, alleviate suffering, maintain human dignity;

Strengthen preparedness for disasters.

Enable food and water security, sanitation, climate resilient shelter and clean stoves. Foster village school rooms, preventive healthcare and barefoot livelihoods.

ADOPT PFP - By The People, For The People

This special humanitarianism is driven by humanity and humanistic ideals of benevolence, compassion, and solidarity. These attributes are found in abundance among those who have suffered from disasters, and now form the basis for knowledge sharing and guidance for self reliance of devastated communities. The objective is to universally spread knowledge regarding safe structures and better quality of life, knowing that there is a general deficit and most of the needs of the poor have not been met, either by the state or humanitarian organizations.

This is in contrast to the Colonial Humanitarianism which is driven by donor contributions and controlled by the UN system and INGOs and NGOs, who begin by assessing needs and providing assistance selectively. However, since human living is not conducted in silos or compartments, and as majority of those suffering from disasters remain vulnerable, the colonial model results in selective distribution of assistance where unmet needs remain unfulfilled.

The BASA strategy PFP or ‘By the People, For the People,’ results in a sustainable model, which relies on empowering communities to begin to fend for themselves through knowledge-sharing and training in barefoot methodologies. This assistance is provided by those who had themselves gone through disasters, in exchange of a small affordable amount.

In contrast to the usual impersonal distribution of funds and handouts the BASA strategy has enormous outreach. it is conducted by those who are committed to improve the quality of life for their compatriots, as indeed they themselves have been able to under BASA’s PFP.