60+ Skilled Villagers

Trained in 4 months

Barefoot Eco Entrepreneurs.


Under BASA methodology, the mechanism adopted for ‘Train a BEE’ has provided the impetus that has helped to scale up the entire rehabilitation effort. Be it the single room unit or a holistic model, the Dosti villages or the Zero Cost Food Secure villages, it is the BEE that is in the forefront.


The specialization fields for the BEEs are growing, depending upon the requirement and needs of communities.

Beginning with mobilization of villages at the outset, to the layout of entire villages and demarcation of house clusters, to making of earthen Pakistan Chulah stoves and earthen platforms, preparing each cluster for growing food, chicken-rearing and fish tanks, planting community forests, to solar dehydration of food, and the more specialized LOG and instant eco toilets bamboo artisans, it is the specialized BEEs who fan out from village to village and enable households to implement various tasks.


As all BEEs are able to earn small fees from target households for their efforts in sharing knowledge and expertise, not only their number is growing, their earnings are also becoming substantial.

As in the case of Champa, the earthen Pakistan Chulah millionaire, there are several budding barefoot millionaires as the entire effort is scaling up to reach out to additional villages on a daily basis.

The effort to reach Zero Cost development is becoming possible due to the enthusiasm and increasing earning capacity of BASA BEEs.